Demolition & Salvage

Attempting to do demolition and salvage without the proper tools can end up becoming costly, difficult, dangerous; notwithstanding the legal implications for unlicensed persons operating in this field.  At Matthews Metals we have an UNLIMITED DEMOLITION LICENCE and have worked in many, and varied industrial and commercial sites with competence in dealing with chemicals, or large scale site clean-up such as at the docks.  Matthews Metals will supply hydraulic excavators fitted with cutting shears or ‘grabs’ for large site cleanups. These excavators will then process and load the appropriate vehicles required for transporting the scrap to further processing.

When required, Oxy-Acetylene cutters work in conjunction with the excavator on site cleanups.  Our professional and experienced staff can facilitate the cutting and removal of oversized steel components and machinery to enable safe and efficient transportation of such equipment.  We can arrange all necessary equipment for your site cleanup.  Our Licensed Demolishers can come to your site and assess the work that needs to be carried out.  We will provide you with a written quotation which will include the cost of any equipment that may need to be hired for the safe removal and salvage of any scrap metal.